Master Dynamic Limited & Goldway Technology Limited

Master Dynamic Limited (MD) was set up in 2011. MD, based in Hong Kong Science Park, first applied precision engineering to develop precise and high-quality watch movement and silicon based hairspring, and then pioneer a novel diamond nano-marking technology for the diamond industry. MD devotedly focuses on the foresight of its innovative technology development.

In 2015, Goldway Technology Limited (GW) was set up to commercialize MD technology into industry specific solutions. One key focus is to provide technical solutions for the diamond and luxury goods industry.

Both MD and GW have its fingers in many technology pies, but their core strengths and their solutions are also giving their customer unique and sustained competitive advantages at a high technological threshold. In this way, both of them successfully fashioned an end-to-end value chain.

About Goldway

Goldway is a leading technology developer and solutions provider of nanotechnology, material analysis and blockchain technology. We provide complete solutions for retail industry to strengthen brand reputation and customer loyalty, and to improve shopping experience. Our solutions include gemstone authentication, scientific grading and anti-counterfeit marking, precious metal anti-bacteria coating, blockchain and other distributed ledger technology.

Key Highlights

  • Offices, laboratories and clean rooms in Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Qualified testing and calibration laboratories in Hong Kong (achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation)
  • More than 50 engineers, software developers and researchers specialized in technology and product development
  • Over 30 invention patents related to nanotechnology, material analysis and precision engineering were granted

Our Beliefs

  • Think Big, Make it Happen and Deliver
  • We believe in originality, creativity and applicability of our products. We are dedicated to providing total solutions for retail industry to strengthen brand reputation, customer loyalty and shopping experience
  • We understand the importance of keeping competitive in target markets, we endeavor to deliver advanced materials solutions that:
  • Improve core competency of our customers in terms of market access, customer benefits and difficulty to imitate
  • Enable customers to create sustainable competitive advantages through product differentiation and technical barrier to entry
  • Provide value-added features that fill in the gaps of solutions available in the market

Our Products and Services

Diversified Nano-marking Service

With long years of research and continuous development, Goldway has mastered the technology in finding the best balance between creating markings on diamonds tables while still preserving its intact quality. Not only satisfied with technology development, Goldway has dedicated to bring up the production process to live, all processes are sophisticatedly planned. On one hand the process has extremely complicated threshold for copy while on the other hand, it is convenient enough to support simple logistics and short turnaround time. Goldway’s stable and diversified products and services are patent protected and always at your service.

  • Marking on Diamond Table Surface

  • Conventional diamond marking is usually done with a micro-laser beam to etch a microscopic inscription on the diamond girdle, yet it carries no differentiation with other technology and is extremely low cost to reproduce. This implies people without much technical expertise could do so thus provides low values in anti-counterfeit purpose. Goldway has successfully developed series of avant-garde anti-counterfeit marking technologies which are to etch mark on diamond table surface. The marks created are with nano-size, have high opacity, and do not constitute a visual flaw, nor do they affect the diamond color and clarity grading result.

  • Ultrafast Laser Diamond Subsurface Marking Service

  • Goldway also provides ultrafast laser diamond marking service. This technology uses ultra-fast lasers to depict ultra-fine patterns on the subsurface of diamond with only a few tenths of the width of a hair. This special marking service is ideal for unique brand recognition.

  • Customized Marking Design

  • Anti-counterfeiting marking service is crucial for brand recognition. To further enhance the guest experience, Goldway welcome all the customized unique design to be incorporated into the mark. The range of design content is large, including personalized messages, trademarks and QR codes etc.

One-stop Diamond Authentication, Grading and Marking Service

That the inflow of synthetic diamonds into the market is increasingly extensive, reliable one-stop diamond authentication, grading and marking service becomes very important to protect the market.

Diamond Authentication Service

Goldway developed diamond authentication technology and process by using artificial intelligence (AI), precision engineering and various material analysis technologies. By analyzing diamonds’ DNA, from macroscopic to atomic level, the unique optical properties and the interactions between photons and atomic species are identified. We are very proud of our scientific and repeatable method to determine whether a diamond is natural, treated or synthetic.

Diamond Grading Service

Goldway developed a new scientific diamond color and clarity grading system which is desired by the market for long. Our methodology automated the tedious human grading procedures. Through the use of AI and big data analytics, human error can be hugely eliminated. With the standardized grading environment, the grading result becomes repeatable and faster.

Anti-counterfeit Marking Technology

Goldway applied precision engineering prowess to jewelry, we have developed a series of new and advanced diamond marking technology for gemstones including protruded marking and multi-layer marking. Such marking technology is ideal for anti-counterfeit applications because it is highly secure and difficult to imitate We are confident to make different unique marks in nanometers with customized contents to protect brand reputation and enhance customer confidence.

  • T MARK

  • Goldway is in partnership with Chow Tai Fook (CTF), one of the largest jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the world, for entrenching practice in the diamond business. The precision engineering technology involves the use of a patented method to create T MARK, a nano-scale mark, on diamond surface, The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has certified that the technology does not change the integrity and 4Cs (diamond colour, cut, clarity and carat weight) of a diamond, with the marks on diamond surface, consumers can have better confidence when evaluating diamonds while brand owners can enjoy better brand protection.

  • Multi-layer Mark

  • The pattern formed from a normal molding process is usually a two dimensional structure, as the height of the protrusion (or the depth of the recess) is same across the area. By using micro-fabrication techniques, micro structures can be added, resulting in unique two and half dimensional mark. Also the mold material can be chosen in a wide range, as long as it can be handled by micro-fabrication technology, such as NiP alloy, and other ceramics. This introduces a key benefit of the largely increased mold life. With Goldway’s patented technology, covert laser readable (CLR) image can be embedded in the mark, from which the user defined image can be shown upon the laser illumination. The combination of coded pattern and imprinting technology results in a higher level of anti-counterfeit.

Other Technologies

  • Precious Metal Anti-bacteria Coating

  • Scientists at Goldway have developed an innovative way to kill bacteria effectively, with the help of self-assembly molecules and hydrogen plasma. Monolayer of specially designed molecules can be coated on the surfaces of precious metals, followed by a complex hyperthermal-hydrogen-induced-crosslinking process. The monolayer is so thin, with the thickness of only several nanometers, that it does not affect the appearance of the precious metal. By pains taking recipe tuning, the same functional group can be applied on steel and other metals as well, and kills the bacterial around you.

  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

  • Blockchain is a new type of distributed secure database which facilitates trust. Data in blockchain is immutable and traceable to its origin and to all its previous processes. All the information is residing to each other in blockchain and it creates an aggregated dataset, a shared visible record, and an audit trail to prevent information discrepancy.

    We have already developed solutions that can help the industry to safeguard all the precious data, improve transparency and legitimacy, reduce risk and provide faster service to the market.

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